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BadlandsMC is a Minecraft network created and currently maintained by FriedWingis and Bgbuddyboy. Originally named BadlandsPvP, BadlandsMC rebranded to become a network to soon boast a wide selection of gamemodes and features.

Founded in 2019, we had only one goal in mind, create a server that was unique and fun for all players. Fast forward to today, we are striving to maintain that goal. With experience in the factions, skyblock and pvp gamemodes, we have a large understanding and of what Minecraft should be.

The Badlands team is working hard to provide weekly updates and features for its community. Information, announcements and more are posted regularly on our discord.


Below are a list of features per currently released gamemode.

  • Factions
    • King of The Hill
    • Envoy
    • End Dimension
    • Payouts
    • Tags
    • Conquest
    • Engrams
    • Carepackages
    • ...and more!


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